Create a new AudienceMemberStripePaymentMethod

Create a new payment-method for the given audience member.

This operation is the 3rd step in creating a new payment-method that can be used to pay-by-text.
It is called after the client has created a stripe-setup-intent and confirmed it via Stripe.

This is the step where the payment-method in Stripe is combined with the billing and shipping
address information in Parrot. Since mobile phone numbers sometimes change, Parrot requires
that the full credit card number (or debit card, etc...) is present and verified by Stripe
when adding a new address. This prevents someone from inheriting a mobile phone number with
a Parrot account and simply changing the shipping address while making charges with the prior
owners payment-method.

Steps to add a payment-method (this operation in bold):

  • create a new stripe-setup-intent (ParrotAPI)

    • POST /api/v2/audience-members/me/stripe-setup-intents
  • confirm the stripe-setup-intent (Stripe JavaScript SDK)

  • create a new stripe-payment-method (ParrotAPI)

    • POST /api/v2/audience-members/me/stripe-payment-intents

Note: unless preferred is set to false the new payment-method will become the "preferred"
payment-method by default.

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